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Get back Acer 3820TG eRecovery / D2D / Alt + F10

The first thing I did after unpacking my Acer laptop, was to wipe it and install a clean version of Windows. Little did I think of creating any restore DVDs; when would I ever need those?

Well, now I did. And after lots of searching I almost succumbed to Acer and order their rescue pack. Good thing I didn't though, since I've now found a solution.

Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility for any data loss or damage that may happen to your devices.

Note: You should first verify that you have the restore partition intact before you proceed. Fire up some partition manager and look for a partition that is ~13 GB, and invisible in Windows Explorer.

The solution

  1. First you should make sure that D2D isn't just disabled in the BIOS. If it was, that might've been your problem.
  2. If it's not: Disable it.
  3. Boot into Windows, download and install Partedit32.
  4. Open Partedit32 and you will see a grid of input fields. Every row is a partition, putting the cursor in a text field should reveal the partition's size.
  5. You must now change file system identifier of the restore partition, so Windows recognize it. Locate the partition that is ~13 GB of size and has 27 in the first field. Change 27 to 07, save and reboot. A new drive should now be present in Windows Explorer.
  6. Open up Run, enter compmgmt.msc and press OK. Go to Disk Management, right click on the rescue drive and select Mark Partition as Active.
  7. Reboot. You should now be booted into Acer's restore mode.

Good luck!